Just in a nick of time, a preview article for tonight’s world premiere of Spiel, Dave Maric’s brand new concerto for wind ensemble + electronics. Many thanks to Jennifer Hambrick for doing the write-up, especially on such short notice. Also included is information about another premiere by Mat Morse, and an interview with Eric Whitacre, who will also be a guest at the concert. All of this for the Capital University Conservatory of Music’s 100th Anniversary Gala Concert, which will be repeated tomorrow evening. Hope to see some familiar faces!


“That chaos can be both seen and heard in Spiel. The concerto calls for Leach to move back and forth among three different percussion stations and to play on a large and eclectic battery of instruments, including marimba, snare drum, vibraphone, glass wind chimes, various sizes of gong, seed pods and temple blocks – to name only a few.”