I alluded to this blog entry on a Facebook post earlier this week, because I realized that there are several huge projects in the works that nobody knows about. And while I can’t divulge anything more than preliminary information about each of them, I wanted to provide a glimpse into what has been happening behind the scenes.

I’ve got a duo project with a close friend currently brewing, and it will see its debut this summer in upstate NY. Having both played a large amount of duo repertoire without a committed partner, it only made sense to get together and finally make it happen. We will be looking at some quick expansion with this group, knocking out some shows this summer to solidify repertoire and programming so that we can start booking shows and clinics across the country. We are also excited to include some elements that many duos forego in their performances, but those details are for another time. Be on the lookout for a website, new photography, and dates, all to be released sometime this spring!

I am ecstatic to be traveling to China in the late summer to perform with an ensemble at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. I can’t give any more details on this just yet, but as soon as I can, I will!

I’ve had a slew of ideas written down in the “Notes” section of my phone for over a year now, and it is finally time to see them through. My personal brand, AKA this website, serves me well for some things (recordings, upcoming events, blogs), but putting particular types of content that aren’t directly related to me under my own name’s brand seems exceptionally selfish and misplaced. So, in order to house all of these ideas, I will be releasing a new online hub/project/brand. I want to keep this vague on purpose; there is still so much to think through, but also so much that I want to keep to myself to ensure that I get it right. I expect a launch much later in the year, sometime in the fall or early winter.

Wow, am I excited for this one. A major composer for percussion music will be writing a new concerto for me to be premiered in March 2019. This piece is being funded by an institution near and dear to my heart, and I cannot (cryptically) express my gratitude enough to this (unnamed, for now) organization. I am hoping to also work out an orchestral score for this piece, so that it can be toured with orchestras in the future. In addition, the second half of the premiere performance will also feature one of the biggest names in choral music. When I began my journey into solo performance just a few years ago, I always said that I wanted to have concerti written in order to have a unique and personal offering for different ensembles, and I am just thrilled to see it happen.

What’s better than one new concerto? Two! This one is a collaboration between myself and a friend of mine who is a composer/arranger of brass band music. His pieces have been performed by top notch bands in the United States and United Kingdom, so I'm very grateful for his enthusiasm with this project. In addition to the original brass band instrumentation, I am fairly   certain that we will also have a wind ensemble version, too. The piece is currently in its early stages, but we are looking at facilitating a consortium for brass bands, individual percussionists, wind ensembles, and other donors who would like to support the endeavor. *Tentatively*, the buy-in price will be $100, and gives the commissioner full access to the score and parts as well as an exclusivity window. More to come.

Thank you for reading, and I cannot wait to share more details about all of these things as they begin to unfold. 2017 was an incredible year, and it already looks like 2018 is shaping up to be the same!

All my best,