A quick video on a brand new topic for me – mallet wrapping.

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I've made a few posts about this on Facebook/Instagram recently, and actually ended up getting quite a few DMs about how to do it. I'm obviously no expert on this, but this video will show you what has been working for me.

The reason I started wrapping my mallets is because of my recent European Tour with the World Percussion Group. On tour, I played with other members' mallets, and many of them had tape. I took some time off after tour, and when I came back to playing, I realized that unwrapped mallets simply didn't feel good anymore.

As a Stevens Grip player, wrapping seems a bit strange, because you typically see cross grip players doing this to avoid slippage. In my opinion, this is easier on the hands, and dramatically increased my accuracy because the mallets stay firmly in place.


  • HEAD Tennis Tape (Super Comp kind) **each package of 3 rolls will wrap 6 mallets**
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring device
  • Electrical tape (I use black)